Who We Are

What we’re about

To constantly pioneer the cause of innovative outdoor communication through information and technology, thereby delivering superior profit and perspectives to brands and businesses.


How we do what we do

To explore & exploit existing & emerging outdoor media for communication and leverage technology to deliver Information.

Our basic stance

•         We seek to support adventurous causes; causes that live by the golden rule.

•         MediaCrush  was incorporated mainly to provide innovative outdoor advertising services to various clients and advertising agencies.

•         The company was launched to become the entirely new outdoor advertising multi-media because it believes this is where the future lies.

•         MediaCrush Limited is poised to become known and respected as an innovative company in the Nigeria Outdoor Advertising industry.

•         This vision will be made possible by the company’s expected investment in R & D of new outdoor advertising and display products coupled with its partnership with foremost outdoor advertising group in South – Africa.


What About Us?

•         Established as a full fledged outdoor advertising company in 2009.

•         Full complement of professional departments & personnel.

•         Diversified industry experience spanning several years.

•         Positioned as strong industry players with cutting edge “forward thinking”.


Going On About Us

We seek to provide pragmatic solutions through:

  1. Classical advertising.
  2. Media-neutral platforms & processes.
  3. Business-driven strategies, capabilities & competencies.
  4. Leveraging unique channels of outdoor marketing and brand amplification.
  5. Exploring and exploiting new technology and digital offerings.
  6. Deep understanding of consumer insights in order to create winning opportunities for clients.
  7. Even deeper understanding of local and international markets to maximize inherent advantages.

Management Structure

•   Managing Director (MD)

•   Chief Operating Officer (COO)

•   Group Head

•   Senior Manager

•    Manager

•    Deputy Manager

•    Assistant Manager.

•    Management Trainee.


•  Marketing & Client Service

•  Operations

•  Creative

•  Finance

•  HR/Admin

•  Consumer Insight / R&D


Our Affiliations

•  We are affiliated with the these organizations:

 Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) 

 Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency ( LASAA) 

 Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria ( APCON )



Our Clients

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