• Digital Advertisement.

    Media Crush Limited provides cutting edge in Out-of-Home media, Motion-Activated Interactive Displays that brings exciting new dimension to the world of outdoor.

    Several different formats are available. We can deploy these displays to a wide variety of locations like airports, retail stores, sports arenas, hotels and special event venues.

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  • Outdoor Advertising.

    MediaCrush provides Outdoor advertising that can reach people where they live, work and play. We can creates brand new ad spaces where none existed before. Our creative touch on ads can stop people in their tracks.

    We offers a palette of media choices that is unequaled in the industry. The choices and combinations are limited only by the imagination and they are all available here at MediaCrush

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  • Vehicle Advertising.

    Vehicles like cars (Taxi), bus and trucks are an excellent advertising medium for reaching a target audience within the city's mobility area.

    They are also perfect if you are considering wide coverage of your campaign .Taxi-tops, trunk displays, and interior displays are available.

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Template Features

The next generation layout and structure compliments the beautiful and intricate design of the template in conjunction with its many features and integrated extensions


Inside Graffito Template
Everything You Need to Build Your Stunning Website

Gantry 4 Framework
Powerful Framework that Makes Building Websites Easier

  • Compact Grid System
    CSS grid framework to construct content by providing commonly used dimensions
  • Stunning Admin UI
    Gantry provides a uniquely intuitive interface to control all aspects of the design
  • Integrated Features
    Many built-in features such as font-sizer, Google Analytics, Date, etc
  • Source-Ordered Layout
    With up to 3 total sidebars, you can achieve highly complex mainbody layout scenarios
  • Grid RTL Support
    Built in RTL support which will automatically order the layout to support RTL
  • Multi-Page Configuration
    Assign different template configurations for one or several menu items/pages

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